Why do humans kiss?

Is kissing learned or instinctual?

Was kissing only invented for pleasure or for more life sustaining reasons?

Some people say that it is a learned behavior, used when the first humans roamed the earth. Mothers needed to feed their babies with food, but they couldn’t go to the grocery store and pick up premade baby food, nor did they want to spend their time and energy making the food soft and mushy. They instead used their mouths to chew up the food and kissed, yes kissed their children like mother birds do to feed them. The enzymes in the mother’s saliva helping her children digest their food. Even after they grow their teeth, mothers would press their lips against their babies for comfort.

Others believe kissing is an instinctive behavior, like how animals such as the Bonbos pucker up their lips to exchange spit. They do it to make up after fights, to comfort each other, to develop social bonds, and sometimes for no reason, just like us. Other animals make similar motions, such as nose rubbing, licking each other, and so much more.

The most widely accepted theory is that humans do it to find a quality mate. When our faces press togetehr, our permones communicate with eachotehr, exhcanging biological info about whether or not they will suit eachother, or make the best mates. Helping make children with better immune systems, and better chances for survival.



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