Who are you exactly?


Who are you? It is quite a simple question, yet who can deny the fact that it is accompanied by one of the hardest responses we will ever have to come up with?

As time passes, many of us go through our everyday lives believing that we are perfectly aware of who we are, be it our names, our interests, or solely our appearances, but when the time comes, and someone asks us this one simple question, how do we, or should we respond?

A name is a label we give ourselves; a label shared by thousands of others in our vast society. Can one Emily be different from another? Yes, but name-wise, no. They may be two extremely different individuals, but unless specified, they will both answer to the same word once it’s uttered. An interest can be a describing factor, yet it changes with time. Think about all of the things you loved and treasured when you were five years old. How many of those interests remained unchanged, unaffected, unaltered? Physical appearance too can change, sometimes drastically. Compare a photo of yourself from when you were an infant to a photo of yourself now for example. How many people can recognize that the two individuals from these separate photos are actually the same person?

If you used any of these factors to represent yourself, when they change with the passing of every day, will you still be you? No, but isn’t the answer supposed to stay as a yes?

Throughout the years, we change. Every morning, we wake up older and more insightful than the day before. Just like how a few tiny grains of sand can eventually gather up to become a whole beach. Your awareness is what you are; the part of you that remained unchanged while the rest of you did not really stay static. You simply can not be your opinions, your past, or your will. Those are all the things you have created and will eventually be left behind in your wake.

The best answer for this short question is perhaps just “me,” but to avoid confusion when a stranger asks, just answer with your name.


2 Responses to Who are you exactly?

  1. lenawychoi says:

    This is one of those questions that we will spend our entire lives asking ourselves, yet can never truly answer. We are always changing, and sometimes we’re not sure what we’re changing into. I think another good question to ask ourselves is “who do we want to be?”

  2. Rowena403 says:

    That is true, but perhaps that question too can’t be fully answered either. We all have a picture in mind of who we want to be, but can we truly obtain it? Aren’t we more or less influenced by others around us?

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