About Us

Hello World,

We are Thomas Bahen (tombahen), Jonathan Frydman (jonathanfrydman), Rowena Ho (Rowena403), Sandy Oh (osjojm), and David Zhang (davidpwnsome) from the Future Science Leaders Program at Science World. To find out more about Future Science Leaders, you can click on the FSL badge sitting right next to our page for more information.

Wondering what Mighty Wizards is? It’s a sneak peak of what goes on in our minds as society continuously bombards us with new technology both good and bad. Maybe a little cheesy? But hey, who said that we had to write full out science reports? Just like how technology has an endless amount of possibilities as it keeps people on their toes waiting for the latest updates, so will our weekly posts.

Following us, you will soon uncover many scientific truths about the world that surrounds us. What has society created within the pages of our history? Will it be a surprise to find out how much we humans have advanced in the past few centuries? Maybe so, but with every positive advance towards success, many negative factors will also surface. Are you ready to follow us through this journey? If so, then it will be our pleasure to let you read on.


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