Can You Concentrate?

Have you noticed that your concentration is starting to slip each time you try to study or something similarity boring? This is because our world if FULL of concentration killers. Because of technology, especially social media, everything is faster, better, and easier to be addicted to.

To avoid these concentration killers
-turn off social media sites on your computer, or just kill the internet connection
-set aside specific times when you have to check your email
-put caller ID on your cell phone so that you only pickup necessary calls. Cellphones are very good distractions, especially if you are a very social animal.
-Don’t try to multitask too much, devote your attention to one project at a time.
-some tasks are very boring, especially work. So make a deal with yourself: If you keep up your task for a certain period of time, you can earn a short break!

Hopefully these tips will help you concentrate!


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