Is Love Truly Priceless?

Valentine’s Day has just passed a little more than a week ago. It’s a day full of wishes, but maybe not for everyone right? It’s true that you may not have been so lucky this year, but who doesn’t like that feeling of being loved, of being wanted by someone, anyone?

Who doesn’t know that deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude towards a person? It may be towards that special someone or simply just towards your best friend or sibling, but love is still love isn’t it?

Society these days often asks us questions concerning love vs. money. Would you choose money over love or love over money? Everyone’s opinions and experiences are different, so let’s see what yours is:

There really is nothing new about this topic, but money and love aren’t actually that different. You may disagree with me since you can’t buy love, but love is not priceless. Now why don’t I let Vsauce back me up.


One Response to Is Love Truly Priceless?

  1. lenawychoi says:

    BAHAHA that video is amazing!!!! Wow, how do people even measure or calculate things like that? Guess there’s science even with your innermost feelings too.

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