Water Ice/ Organic Compounds found on Mercury

mercury water ice phen.

The planet Mercury

The idea of extraterrestial life has always captured the minds of all humans, but it has always raised the question: How could there be another genesis? Is it really that straight forward for organic compounds to be found in different areas of the universe? In a some what surprise discovery, organic compounds were found on the closest rock to the sun, Mercury.  This does not mean that Mercury ever had or in the foreseeable future will have life of any sort. Due to its meagre atmosphere and rocketing temperature changes, the compounds were only present in shadowed craters (highlighted above) and seem to have arrived there many eons ago. Despite all this, this discovery does mean something. The first step towards life is within our very solar system on one of our most inhospitable planets.  Considering this, it is quite possible life might not just be somewhere in the vast universe but in our own galaxy.

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One Response to Water Ice/ Organic Compounds found on Mercury

  1. Rowena403 says:

    That’s cool, but imagine what would happen if we actually found life. Maybe there’s a reason why we still haven’t found each other yet…

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