Psychology Class


Recently, I enrolled in an AP Psychology class. Here, we discuss many aspects of Psychology. We explored the most popular psychologists and their theories to the effects of recreational drugs. This course load has been endless and extremely enlightening. Despite the hassle, I still love Psychology. My main goal of taking this course is to learn how to read people. We haven’t covered this portion in class quite yet, however, I do practice this skill in my free time. I’m able to read many people like I read books, which is pretty special.

Just because I take Psychology, doesn’t necessarily mean I can give you a psychological reading (for free, anyways). People around me also think I can predict future events. That isn’t the case, however. I do have a special gift though. I have ‘near’-perfect timing. Everything happens on the dot. I almost got hit by a bus this summer, but it missed me by 2 inches. I almost got hit in the face by a baseball in 8th Grade, but again, it missed by a little over 2 inches. I finished a presentation in English, and on the last syllable, my phone went off. Either that, or I’m in the right place, at the right time (another pretty neat gift).

My next goal is to investigate why I can avoid these catastrophic accidents. Maybe it’s worth a shot.

This is all I have to post for today, however, I will have many more adventures to tell next day.

Yay, English Provincial rewrites on Tuesday…


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