The Windows Leading to the Soul


Our eyes are often called the windows leading to the soul because they’re deeply linked to emotions and expression. Apart from the different shapes and sizes, they also come in many colours ranging from black, brown, hazel, green, blue and grey. Out of all of these possible choices, do you love your own eye colour?

Believe it or not, genetics is behind the outcome of a person’s eyes. Everything is determined by chance, but for so many of us, the probability of getting one colour over another is quite high. The quantity of melanin, a dark brown pigment, in our irises will result in what eye colour you have. Our eye colour genes found in our chromosomes are the ones who determine how much melanin our irises possess. A big part of which genes are responsible for eye colour still rests unknown, but so far we know that there are at least three.

The two better known genes are called bey2 and gey each possessing two different alleles. Bey2’s alleles are brown (B) and blue (b) while gey’s alleles are green (G) and blue (b). Phenotype (eye colour) and genotype (a trait that can be passed on but isn’t physically shown) are determined by the combination of these genes and their alleles that you have inherited.

So why did some of us have a higher chance of inheriting brown eyes over blue, green or grey? That’s because some of these alleles are dominant while others are considered as recessive. The dominant gene will always win over the recessive. The order of which genes are more dominant is B (result: brown) coming before G (result: green) , and b (result: blue) always coming last. These results show that brown genes are always dominant over blue genes. Each person inherits a total of four alleles (two from the mother and two from the father), and these alleles are what determine your own eye colour and contribute to your future children’s eye colours. One brown gene in your four acquired alleles will result in brown eyes while all four of your acquired alleles will have to be blue genes to get a phenotype of blue.

Here are all the nine different possibilities of alleles:

Brown: BBGG

Brown: BbGG

Brown: BBGb

Brown: BbGb

Brown: BBbb

Brown: Bbbb

Green: bbGG

Green: bbGb

Blue: bbbb

No wonder the majority of the Earth’s population has brown eyes!


2 Responses to The Windows Leading to the Soul

  1. lenawychoi says:

    I like the chart! But now that there are coloured contacts, people can make their eyes look like anything they want.

  2. Rowena403 says:

    Blue seems to be the most desired eye colour, but brown is instead the most popularly acquired. The coloured contacts are a good idea, but I find that many of them give an unnatural look. It’s still best to love what you have.

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