Keep the Internet Open


Signatories at 11:34pm, December 2nd, 2013.

Sign this petition if you want the internet to stay the way it is: free and open.

Very soon, delegations from across the world will meet in Dubai to discuss possible new Internet regulations at a United Nations conference. The UN’s International Telecommunications Union wants to reach a consensus to revise their internet codes, untouched since 1988.

All 193 nations taking part in this conference can propose regulatory changes. Several human rights groups and governments fear that countries such as China and Russia will want tighter restrictions and monitoring on the internet, contradicting how Western nations’ belief system.

Again, sign this petition. I urge you. The signatories are going up by the thousands in mere seconds, please join the cause.

Be heard, make a statement, stand your ground for what you believe in.. not to mention interactive bubbles on the webpage, and Google.


One Response to Keep the Internet Open

  1. Rowena403 says:

    I always kind of took the internet for granted… I wonder how putting a cost for internet use will affect our everyday life?

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