Is Beauty Rigged?

I hope my previous post “Define Perfection” has helped you realize the importance of being yourself. I mentioned earlier that our definition of perfection is often a synonym for beauty and that the beauty that we see isn’t always real. In the dove video, we all saw the difference before and after the model’s total transformation. If I ask you what makes the poster board figure more beautiful than the model herself, can you give me a reason? They’re basically the same person if you think about it. Easily, we can say in almost an instant that the poster board figure wins, but giving a valid explication may be much much trickier than a blink of an eye.

There’s actually a reason behind what makes a person attractive or not. Our brains are what influence us. Many women and even some men spend around one-third of their income making themselves look good. We say that beauty depends on one’s opinion, but research has proven that the line determining beautiful or not is actually hardwired into our minds. Researchers actually took many pictures of different people and asked the public to pick out the most attractive ones. It’s scary because people from different races, ages and even cultures agreed with one another’s decisions. What’s more is that even young babies have the ability to identify and prefer “beautiful” faces over the norm.

The faces of the chosen were further analyzed, and the researchers actually found out that a certain mathematical proportion is behind all of this. It all relates to our natural instincts of “survival of the fittest” – fertility- to pass on our genes to our offspring. A beautiful, symmetrical face with the perfect proportions actually represents health and vitality, an important trait for survival. As a result of this experiment; a beauty mask was developed, and it is a model of the golden ratio. Although no one will be able to match it perfectly, the closer the facial proportions to it the more attractive the face will be. This mask fits all races and both genders even though females will be more likely to.

We say that beauty for one person may not be attractiveness for another. This may be true in some cases, (whether you’re still in school or have graduated) but have you realized that there is/was always this specific group of popular, hot girls wanted and persued by all the guys of the school? Is this just a coincidence? Maybe or maybe not. We’ll never know with the wonders of genetics.


4 Responses to Is Beauty Rigged?

  1. lenawychoi says:

    So being good at math is a good survival skill 😉

  2. Rowena403 says:

    ahaha very true indeed. Who knew?

  3. emilylim13 says:

    its interesting how different races and ages agree with each other, i wonder if people’s personal preferences have their own mathematical trends

  4. Veronica says:

    I do believe in beauty coming from the inside, but I agree with outer beauty affecting first impressions.

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