Social Networks, Trolls, Model UN, and a (Small) Touch of Science

While I was at a Model United Nations conference this weekend, I decided to catch up on some webcomics during one of the caucuses. In simple terms, I wasn’t supposed to be on xkcd, or looking at classy Cyanide and Happiness cartoons. Since when was I such a risk-taker?

While I was browsing through sites, I found one of these fascinating images. The creator of this image has ingeniously modified and designed a smart map of what consisted of the internet in the year 2010.

As we look at this image, we can notice Facebook and QQ (a Chinese social network) being dominant, consisting of both the larger land masses on this map. The seas and oceans seem to be filled with random internet terms that consist of Dopamine, memes, trolls, etc. Now, I truly understand why adults don’t want us on the internet.

There’s a whole island dealing with gaming, such as IGN, Maple Story and even Runescape! I can’t believe that Runescape occupied such a land mass. If this map was updated for 2012, they’d virtually be wiped out.

Fortunately, there is some representation on behalf the blogosphere. It seems like the whole map is extremely well laid out, as Randall Munroe, the creator of xkcd, has literally ‘mapped’ the whole internet out. He also claims to have created a 20,000 cell spreadsheet for this map, which seems like a sizable amount of work.

If Mr. Munroe were to remap the internet, it should have evolved greatly since 2010. Corporations, such as MySpace, FarmVille, and Happy Farm will hav decreased in size. Various companies that were virtually non-existent in 2010, like Instagram, have claimed, and taken over large masses of land and water.

I could end this post with my estimate on what the internet will look like in 10 years, however, that’s the question I put upon you. Every site you visit, every link you click, every song you listen to, will contribute to smaller websites gaining more popularity, or staying within their previous ‘hipster’ state. All your actions online play a huge effect on this ‘map.’ This is the interwebz, everybody!

This map is available for ordering (ie. full poster form!), if you are so obliged:


2 Responses to Social Networks, Trolls, Model UN, and a (Small) Touch of Science

  1. qwenguo says:

    Haha qq ftw! 😀 but wow, can’t believe that people spent so much time playing games back then….I guess nowadays, social networking really takes away a huge portion of our time. Nice post (:

  2. Rowena403 says:

    Wow, the internet and technology all changes too fast! I can’t believe the map of 2012 will be totally different from the one you posted… I guess gaming is now not the new thing anymore. Internet so useful but time wasting too

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