Being interviewed over the telephone before my first midterm

I stumbled upon this article while I was, let’s be honest, going through a Google search (I feel kind of ashamed for saying this) on myself. Hey, it’s nice to know what’s on the internet about yourself. This article was written by a Richmond reporter after I, when I was 18, volunteered at the Science World exhibition that Dr. Catherine Anderson was a part of. Needless to say, I did not know how to be interviewed (notice all the stumbles and repetitions in my answers). It was my first interview for the media and let’s not go into my television interview. What I am trying to get to here is that nobody is really 100% prepared for these things. I was told that I would be interviewed and I was waiting for it but at that moment, when the reporter is scribbling down every single word  I said or when the camera was right in front of my face, I froze. It happened so fast, I cannot even recall what really happened or what was being questioned. It just made me realize that, boy, I really need to practice my public speaking skills. I really need to talk with more strangers. And what is the perfect remedy to this? By volunteering more! (Darnit! There was a catch to this freestyle post! She’s putting motivational stuff into this!)

Ok, I’ve talked enough, time for the article: (please do not mind the picture… and yes.. that is me..)

Article about me!

This is not a “brag post” where I boast about what I have accomplished or that I was interviewed. What I wish for you all is to learn from my flaws and hopefully, when you get interviewed, you will be even more prepared!


2 Responses to Being interviewed over the telephone before my first midterm

  1. Rowena403 says:

    Everyone has flaws, but I think the article about you was written pretty well.

  2. kathyzfan says:

    Performances on stage (ex.instrument-playing, dance) can also help with overcoming nervousness in front of strangers

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