Do you have OCD??

If you realize you have a obsessive compulsive disorder… maybe it is time to see a PSYCOLOGIST to help you deal with your DISORDER!!!

OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), is a disorder that makes you: wash your hands 10 times, line up books “just right” before studying, not touch peoples hands and so on. Usually OCD is caused when you are obsessed with senseless or offensive thoughts that will not go away. Most people during their late teens or twenties have this disorder. Heck, even Lady Macbeth had OCD, she couldn’t stop washing her hands until it was bloated because it still had the “blood of Duncan” whom SHE had murdered.

“2 to 3 percent of people cross that line from normal preoccupations and fussiness to debilitating disorder. The obsessive thoughts become so haunting, the compulsive rituals so senselessly time consuming, that effective functioning becomes impossible.” (p. 603, Psycology ninth edition, David G. Myers)

Please notice when you have OCD!


2 Responses to Do you have OCD??

  1. Rowena403 says:

    That’s a surprising amount of people with OCD!

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