Pumpktris: A Working Tetris Game Inside a Pumpkin

It may be a tad late for Halloween, but this idea is both creative and intriguing.

After more than 12 hours of work, 128 LEDs, and 313 solder joints, a man named Nathan from his website, hahabird.com created a working tetris game inside of a pumpkin.

Nathan is an engineer and a programmer, and he works on projects such as these on his free time. His musings often turn into interesting and creative toys and gadgets.
The game itself seems very responsive, and Nathan’s feat is quite impressive as he programmed the diodes and the game by himself.
In the article shown below, Nathan explains how he constructed the tetris game shown in the video above.

-Jonathan Frydman


4 Responses to Pumpktris: A Working Tetris Game Inside a Pumpkin

  1. Rowena403 says:

    That’s so cool. Must have taken a long time to make.

  2. qwenguo says:

    Wow, can’t imagine spending that much time and effort on a pumpkin that’ll rot eventually!

  3. lenawychoi says:

    I guess he could take out the electronics and put them in a new pumpkin next year! What an amazing project! 🙂

  4. kimnarae97 says:

    That’s really cool, but I honestly think it would be easier to just play on the computer (:

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