The Elements in Style

What are elements? They are chemically the simplest substances that cannot be broken down any further without losing their unique characteristics. The periodic table is a table of the chemical elements arranged in order of atomic number. This is so that elements with similar atomic structure and chemical properties appear in vertical columns. Neat huh? This interesting layout of the elements is available to us virtually anywhere all thanks to Russian chemist and inventor, Dmitri Mendeleev. Without his hard work and tenacity, the periodic table would not be the way that it is today.

Although the periodic table is a neat way of organizing all of the elements known to us as of right now, who can say that it is easy to memorize let alone know all of the components? Maybe the Element Song can help. Who knew that element names can make excellent lyrics to a song? Well, I guess Tom Lehrer did.

Don’t believe that it’s a great song? I’m sure Daniel Radcliffe can show you.


5 Responses to The Elements in Style

  1. W Choi says:

    Love it! Who knew you could make a great song out of elements!

  2. lenawychoi says:

    Amazing song! I found it while doing chem homework last year 😀

  3. Ms. C says:

    Wow – maybe we can get Harry Potter to sing in our Science classes! Now there is no excuse for our students to not be able to memorize the periodic table 🙂

  4. cocoa77 says:

    so funny! makes chemistry fun, but I’m still glad I haven’t had to memeorize the periodic table yet!

  5. Ioana says:

    I need to memorize this and then Chem 12 should be a piece of cake 😉

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