Interesting sedative search

Laughing gas is also called Inhalation sedation, relative analgesia, RA, happy gas, and so on. This sedative has the most names than any other sedation technique.

  • It was first discovered in 1772 by Humphrey Davy.
    • He used N2O, a gas that has no color smell and does not irritate.
    • It kills pain and induces a pleasurable feeling. While breathing in the gas, people will feel a euphoric feeling and get ‘the giggles’. There may be hallucinations as well
    • Popular choice for drugs in 1800s
    • Now we use N20-02
      • It is safer than N20, which can cause unconsciousness or even death if used for too long because of the lack of oxygen.

Its effects are:

  1. Tingling sensation in arms or legs, or felling of vibration
  2. Warm sensations
  3. Feeling of well-being, euphoria and/or floating
  4. Sleepiness, difficulty to keep one’s eyes open or speak

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